Products & Services

Sigmastrong develops and produces all variety of technical clothing for sports in general, in various types of raw materials and contents.

Aware of the importance on modeling accuracy, Sigmastrong offers its customers cutting (fitting) perfect, providing the best tools in the area of ​​patterns development with automatic cutter managed by the most advanced softwar available in the market.

Having particular vocation for activewear products, Sigmastrong offers a large park flatlock sewing machine.


Operating almost exclusively for foreign markets, and with particular emphasis on clients from the European Community, Sigmastrong provides its clients with the development of the entire production cycle, from prototype to final delivery of the order in shortest lead time that market offers.

Throughout the research process, sampling, production, quality control, communication and logistics, Sigmastrong has the experience and skills to provide the best possible solutions to their customers.

The company is continually developing new and more sophisticated ways in compete, fulfilling its strategic direction, boosting the competitiveness and acquiring a higher dimension to the challenge of technology, market changes and encouraging the modernization, diversification and enhancing internationalization.