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Basics of Essay Writing – PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Basics of Essay Writing

Basics of Essay Writing – PowerPoint PPT presentation

Title: Basics of Essay Writing

Essay Writing

  • The basic principles of
  • Presented by Ms. Samiyyah Andrewin
  • https//

Essay Structure

  • Main Parts Introduction, Body, Conclusion

The Introduction

  • Topic Introduction What am I planning to talk
  • Points Organization Preview What am I likely to
    say about it? How am I likely to speak about it?
  • Thesis What am I going to prove in this paper?

The Thesis Statement

  • Your thesis is usually the sentence that is last the
    first paragraph plus it clearly states the
    argument or point you are making in your paper.

The Body

  • Elaborate Explain your check it out points
  • Introduce your point
  • Explain your point
  • Give supporting evidence
  • (quotes, stats, personal experiences.
    welcome) Give supporting evidence (this is
    where quotes go!) Explain how the point and
    evidence connect with your thesis

The Topic Sentence

  • The topic sentence is usually the first sentence
    of this paragraph and it identifies the idea that
    will e discussed in the paragraph.

The Conclusion

  • Restate Subject Remind the reader of the overall
    topic of discussion
  • Summarize Main Points Re-state main points and
    their connection to the thesis.
  • Restate Thesis in various words,
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